Packaging Your Products to Arrive in One Piece

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Packaging Your Products to Arrive in One Piece

When sending items in the post, no matter where your package is headed, you take the risk that your items might end up being damaged in transit. You don't know how careful your delivery driver is going to be, or if they're even going to care about getting your package there in one piece.

These days, we all tend to use sites like eBay or other auction sites to buy and sell products of all shapes and sizes. You might have been the victim of having an item arrive to you smashed after having bought it online, or perhaps you've sent something before which ended up never making it to the other side in the same condition that you sent it.

In this article I hope to share some simple advice on how to package your items safely to ensure they make it to the destination just as you sent them, almost regardless of how harshly they are treated in the back of the delivery van.

First things first, you need packaging boxes which are up to the task. This means don't use flimsy cardboard such as the packaging you'd find with food produce, cereal boxes, that sort of thing. Invest in a sturdy cardboard box - if you don't have any spare or don't know where to buy some, either look around online, or visit any local store - most shops have a huge quantity of heavyweight cardboard boxes which are simply thrown out; ask the right person and they'll be happy to donate a cardboard box or two to you.

You can use single walled cardboard boxes for most items, but I'd suggest using a double walled cardboard box if you're sending heavy or delicate items - that way, the first wall of the cardboard box might get penetrated, but anything getting through the second wall is unlikely, and thus your item remains safe and sound.

Secondly, and perhaps even more important than the box itself, is the packaging you use on the inside. It's no good having the sturdiest box you can find, if your item is too small for the box and is just being thrown around all over the place such as candy packaging containers. If you can make sure the item in your box is so secure that it doesn't move around in the box whatsoever, then you can ensure it will make the journey in one piece, even if the box is shaken around and chucked from place to place - if you can shake your box up and down and be confident that nothing is going to get broken, then you know for sure that it's going to make the trip.

Bubble Wrap is a great choice for wrapping the item for starters. If you can wrap the entire product in bubble wrap from head to toe, then that's the best possible start. However it's not convenient or necessarily affordable to stuff the whole box with bubble wrap in all the empty spaces. More than likely, there will be huge gaps inside your box where your item doesn't fill the space. The most affordable and sensible way to fill those gaps and keep the item safe, is to use Loose Fill, which is the foam you'd find in packaging when you buy a lot of electrical appliances or something similar. Loose Fill is extremely cheap and dynamically fills the space in your box, while keeping your product completely secure.

My recommendation would be to use bubble wrap around the item, and then stuff the extra areas inside the box with Loose Fill - that way you have double protection to make sure your item will definitely make it there in one piece. If you have difficulty moving the item inside the box when you've stuffed the box with bubble wrap and loose fill, then you know it's packed tightly enough to not move about when in transit.

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